Monday, July 16, 2012

Photos of trunk show continued





Photo credits - Vikhor Tepa
The second show.

My second, now successfully completed trunk show, happened ever so in a rush. 
Early in June, I decided to head to Nagaland and a week before I left, I decided to have a trunk show and I am now so thrilled that I did.

I rushed all over sourcing material in the Delhi heat after researching the Delhi weather to make sure I was out and about only when it was likely to be a little cooler. 
So I lugged the beads, wires, findings, etc. and came home, converted my brothers' room into a temporary work shop and got down to rigorous hours of jewellery making.

My grandpa who is living in Kohima came to stay with us. He, whose memory fails him ever so often, would veritably question me every morning without fail-
"Na azuk arer na?" (Are you stringing necklaces?)
Me - "How ja." (Yes)
"Ayaaaa, tenuk ashitsu agoti". (Ayaaaa, your eyes will hurt ok.)

This continued for the three weeks before the show. 
I think somewhere in some recess of his brain it might have clicked that he saw me do this everyday. 
Less than a week before the show he asked me,
"Shingaia malir nung kechiba paiya kaya yanglur?" 
(Nobody seems to buy your jewellery. Why are you making so many?)

We had a good laugh at home about it.
I'm glad that the second trunk show proved him wrong.

On a different note,
I believe that God has been preparing Toshili through the many years of serious hoarding to coincidentally (was it?) be open to hosting the trunk show at her home.

We - my sister and I, we really did not expect what we got. 
We literally took up with us a trunk of things to help show case the jewellery and our dear friend was waiting with her dear cats all ready and set up.

A spot of tea?
Our busy tea corner with samosas and Shillong's R.B Store biscuits.

A little corner to try on the jewellery.

The room quickly converted to a boutique-like space.
Loved it.

I'm so grateful to all the people who came in to show support.
I'll probably have another show.... soon. 
Hopefully another one to prove grandpa wrong.

Photo credits- Vikhor Tepa.