Saturday, May 19, 2012

a few photos from the trunk show.
taken by tia.

visiting cards

and a few photos of the fabulous guests.

thank you all for the support. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012


a week ago i had my first trunk show.

it was tiring mentally and physically.
mentally because i had to organize a million and one things.
physically, for my neck and fingers who worked overtime.

Making the jewelry was not very difficult. although trying to gauge styles that would be popular was quite taxing. i finally sat down with Jay and she helped me design the logo which i will be using henceforth.
these are exciting times for this ( now full fledged ) handmade jewelry designer ( flashes her well rehearsed fake photo smile).

the show was a success.
with the many hands that joined in together to help, the 2 hours went by very smoothly.

I am so proud to have one successful show to my name.
although i have miles to go before i sleep,
i'm excited that there is so much more to look forward to.

So i'm not the most proactive person when it comes to blogging and advertising the jewelry online.
i wait and i wait. and then i wait a little longer.
sometimes i wait for months which inevitably turn to years.

In the last few months, there have been so many people who have been advising me, and i am so grateful for that. i am taking steps in spite of the Delhi heat egging me on to procrastinate everything until the elusive tomorrow. 

To make things easier i will eventually / hopefully have everything under one roof. until then more jewelry photos can be viewed here at my page on facebook

And orders..... THAT, is another day away.