Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our C a t a l o g u e 2014 is here!

After a few weeks of struggling with technology our catalogue is ready!
You can check it out here. (Yes click!)
Although our facebook page has better photos and you can order there.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

series - friends in beads

"friends in beads are my friends indeed"

this beauty is my little sister.
it is quite difficult to write about someone that you love so dearly because there is so much you can and want to say.
i have written and rewritten this post several times.

She is wearing the spring bud green with grey glass beaded neckpiece, a piece that quickly disappeared from a recent collection. let me say that it did not make it to the intended market.

take note that her locks are natural.
no products.
no curler.
no rod.
n a t u r a l

Below she is wearing a piece i love so dearly.
neckpiece of black cotton thread with brass cylinders and cubes.


below - island in the sun

as a child she claimed to have a head full of stars.
and as adults i have seen this to be true.

there are many times that one has to call out to her
"ayim dangi shiang -look back towards the village"
meaning: dont get lost but keep focus on getting back. 
a phrase i only learnt recently because of toshili and her disappearing into real and imagined forests.

I am grateful for how different we are-the beauty of that has only become evident in the past few years.
she is insanely talented and witty.
we will be reading that award winning book by her soon.
very soon i hope.

photo credits - toshili

Saturday, August 10, 2013

series - friends in beads

"friends in beads are my friends indeed"

continuing with the series here is my cousin anung wearing one of my favourite pieces : 
the macrame neckpiece with coral cotton thread.

This sister is a dear friend. 
We are of kindred spirits when it comes to all things food.
And she of excellent sales skills is an engineer/ singer /songwriter. 
Like whoa!!!!

The engineering crowd eats from the palms of her hands =)

This is a mother-be-ye-pleased type of neckpiece. One of those that mothers would like on us daughters, helping us bloom into society 
She looks lovely!
Mother is not the only one who is pleased. 
Thank you anung. 
I am so grateful.

Photo credits - aren

Monday, August 5, 2013

Morung Express Coverage - again

It is called inside the entrepreneurial mind, the fifth part of a series by the local newspaper in Nagaland called 
The Morung Express. 
You can click on the link above and read it for yourself.

Thank you Morung Express for the publicity and for including me in your series. 
And thanks to Akang for the patience.

series - friends in beads

"Friends in beads are my friends indeed" 

This series will be a focus on my friends/family wearing Aben jewellery. Thanks to everyone for their willing help.

This ever so stunning woman is wearing the emerald green glass neckpiece with the box-link chain. 

Of legendary hands when it comes to all things handmade, she is INCREDIBLY talented.
(Needs a whack or two once in a while.)
You are so amazing. 
Thanks for doing this.

("friends in beads are my friends indeed" - my husband came up with this. all rights reserved...i guess)